Artist Statement

Abstractions are my soul’s journey

It has been my motto for many years. It defines my artistic existence, reflects my feelings, reconciles my ideas and thoughts and, in the end, it makes me complete. My goal is to listen to my inner voice and reflect it in my paintings.

I rarely plan painting in advance. During the creative process I focus on spontaneity and intuition. There is an intensive, sensual communication between the painting and me, which is essential for the prepared works.

At the beginning of my abstract painting there is always a playful contact and experimenting with different materials in the foreground. That’s how I make use of all available opportunities: Structure pastes and gels, China inks, marble powder, crayon, sand, various grains, fabrics, papers – everything is allowed, and everything is used.

The expressive paint applications create contrast, release dynamic and mobility. Feelings like love, pleasure, passion combined with grief and fury are an inalienable elements of my abstract picture composition. They can be found in colour and shaping. I find the quest for a harmonic result very important.

I draw my energy and strength from painting, drawing and creating. I can easily explain happiness that I feel: Painting is my life!

I try to reinvent myself and I’m looking for new forms of expressions and various perspectives that could inspire me. The basis of my painting consist in curiosity and strength to discover life with an open attitude.