Artist Statement

Painting is my life

For many years this has been my motto. It defines my artistic existence, reflects my feelings, brings ideas and thoughts under one hat to come to completion for me in the end. To listen into myself and to process what I perceive in my paintings has become my goal.

My inspiration often comes before I begin to paint. The impressions from nature, thoughts, conversations, the simple life that happens, are the impulse and output for my abstract works. Emotional efficacy of colors fascinates me, as well as the enormous possibilities of interpretation of abstract art. The most important thing, however, are the feelings that I transport into the resulting paintings, they are crucial to the liveliness and expression of my artworks.

I rarely plan a picture in advance. In the design process, I rely on spontaneity and intuition. There is an intense, sensual communication between the image and me, which is decisive for the later finished work.

At the beginning of my abstract paintings are always the playful approach and experimentation with different materials in the foreground. So I use all the possibilities that are available to me: Structural pastes and gels, inks, marble powder, chalk, sand, various grains, fabrics, wallpaper – everything is allowed and everything will be used.

Expressive colour applications create contrasts, set free dynamics and liveliness. Emotions such as love, joy, passion; but also sadness and anger are indispensable for my abstract artistic compositions, they are reflected in form and colour. The pursuit of a harmonious result is very important to me.

Painting, drawing and designing give me energy and strength. The joy I feel in the process makes me realize again and again: Painting is my life.

I try to reinvent myself, look for new forms of expression and let myself be inspired by the different perspectives. To be curious and to go through life with an open mind is the basis of my painting.