Ewa Martens – Vita

I was born and raised in Warsaw, Poland. Already as a little girl I discovered my interest in painting and drawing. Later I studied at the Lyceum of Fine Arts in Warsaw, where I graduated at the top of my class. A few years later “Gallery Vena” became my curatorial and artistic home, where I also showed my own abstract works for the first time in 1987. This was followed by more exhibitions in Germany, where I have lived for many years and continue my creative work as a freelance artist.

Through my presence on social media, especially on Instagram, many new opportunities have opened up for me to show my artworks around the world.

Planned exhibitions 2022

  • April 2022: Participation in the Stockholm International Art Fair, Sweden
  • April 2022: Group exhibition at the Adlon Kempinski Hotel Berlin
  • April – June 2022: Group exhibition “Silent Dialogues”, at Grace Denker Gallery, Hamburg
  • May 2022: solo exhibition at the Makowski Gallery, Tegernsee, Germany
  • June 2022: Group exhibition at the Metropolitan Museum, Tokyo, Japan

Exhibitions between 2021 – 2017

  • 04 – 07.2021: Participation in the Discover Art Fair, Frankfurt am Main
  • 13 – 17.10.2021: Participation in the International Art Fair in Stockholm, Sweden
  • May 19-25.2021: Group exhibition in MARU ART CENTER, Seoul, South Korea
  • July – December 2020: “Colors For Life”, solo exhibition, STENUM Ortho, Ganderkesee, Germany
  • September 2020: Group exhibition “Art Instead of Commerce”, organized by Hidden Art Project and Kulturbüro Oldenburg
  • April – July 2020: group exhibition “Like This And Like That”, Rossocinabro Gallery, Rome, Italy
  • February 2020: group exhibition “Exposition Paris, Cologne”, Galerie Kunstraub99, Cologne, Germany
  • 2019: Participation as a semi-finalist at the International Art Weeks, December 2-8, 2019, Miami, Florida
  • 2019: Participation in the International Art Fair in Brussels, Belgium
  • 2019: Group exhibition “Regards cruisés Paris, Séoul, Pékin”, Calm Belt Gallery, 103 60 Art district, Beijing, China
  • 2019: Participation at SWISSARTEXPO, from August 15 to 19, 2019, at the SBB Eventhall, Zurich, Switzerland
  • 2019: Group exhibition “Invisible-Visible” at Rospigliosi Palace, Zagarolo, Rome
  • 2019: Group exhibition “Silent Perceptions” at Grace Denker Gallery, Hamburg, Germany
  • 2018: Group exhibition “21 Grams. Open your soul” at Galerie KreativRaum, Vienna, Austria
  • 2018: Group exhibition “Diverging Lives” at JonaQuestArt Gallery, London, UK
  • 2018: Solo exhibition “Planes and Dimensions” at the Kassenärztliche Vereinigung Bremen, Germany
  • 2017: Solo exhibition “Zeitfenster” at the district hospital OHZ
  • 2017: Solo exhibition “Farbstroemme” in the hospital center Westerstede