Main references

An interesting part of my artistic being consists in the cooperation with some local companies.


Abstract Painting “Green Power”
in Leeraner Miniaturland

“September 2016 ordered Leeraner Miniaturland a 2 x 10,5 m painting that would give an individual character to a new café in the huge miniatures park.
After two and a half months I created in my studio a big artwork entitled “Green Power” and installed it in the designated place. It was a special moment for me, of which I’m proud, to make such huge painting and to be a part of a complex and unique project.

The Leeraner Miniaturland guests can also admire my other works that are exhibited in this popular place.

I’m thankful to director Mr. Wolfgang Teske and his wife Christine for their support and funding. They gave me a chance to present my work to the wide public.

It’s a complete new experience for me because here is the place, where the technical model art and painting meet in a unique way and form.

In my references you can see my works that are currently exhibited in Leeraner Miniaturland. The exhibition changes continually, because my paintings find art lover, who like to admire them in their own home.”

Ewa Martens

Leeraner Miniaturland:
Place where the art and experience meet


“Ewa Martens has given our new space an inimitable character with the whole strength of her abstract art. Thereby she has made a precious contribution, which makes a visit in Leeraner Miniaturenland a multidimensional experience; we would like to thank her.

The positive reactions to the exhibited paintings and many questions from our guests have incited us to offer the other artists a place in Leeraner Miniaturenland in the future.

Due to the extension building we have had a chance to present our guests with an impressive piece of art. We have developed a new element, which makes Leeraner Miniaturenland together with the whole world of experience a multicultural place, where fun, relax, pleasure, art and experience can meet. This is the only place in the world, where you can admire a unique miniatures park and its varied surroundings.

Wolfgang Teske, director
Leeraner Miniaturland LM GmbH |

Leeraner Miniaturland LM GmbH


“We have admired the abstract and extraordinary paintings made by Ewa Martens in many exhibitions. According to our tourism philosophy we have already presented her art in Leerener Miniaturland and attached café Leuchttum.

It creates a unique atmosphere which makes our customers, visitors and employees delighted and it inspires them once they are at home.

We would like to thank Ewa Martens for her intensive and perfect consultation and we are looking forward to her next beautiful paintings.”

Christoph Adams, director assistant
Leeraner Miniaturland LM GmbH |

InterSearch Personalberatung GmbH & Co. KG


“In the last few years we have fitted up our office space with colourful paintings after the intensive and individual consultations with Ewa Martens.” The artworks create an attractive colour accent, they look very good in our office space and each day give our employees and visitors delight.

We would like to thank Ewa Martens for her individual approach and we wish her many inspirations for her gorgeous paintings.”

InterSearch Personalberatung GmbH & Co. KG |

Raumwerk Home Staging


“Ewa Martens’ paintings have attracted my attention during a big exhibition in Bad Zwischenahn city hall. I was interested in expressive colour compositions. I work as a home stager and I prepare properties for sale and because of that I’m searching for appropriate objects, which enhance my special presentation. There should be eyecatchers that attract our attention and at the same time can be used in different colour compositions.

This can be easily achieved with Ewa Martens’ paintings that can be admired in some offered houses and apartments. The customer can buy paintings if they like them. The paintings look also very well in the expose photography.”

Kerstin Keitel |